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Clean Label

& Clean Planet

Snacks are rarely associated with healthy, natural ingredients. At Plento we are changing that! And we are adding plant based and insect based protein Our promise to you, are simple ingredients that are easy to recognise, understand and pronounce. Ingredients that are clean, sustainable and better for the environment.

Join us in making a difference and while you are at it, check out our range of tasty and healthy snacks made with insect protein, plant protein and lots of love :).


Smoked Paprika

A rich & smoky flavour with a dash of heat.

Rosemary & Parsely

An aromatic flavour that goes well with dips.

Tomato Oregano

A subtle balance between sweet and spicy

The Latest on Plento

Find out more about what we are doing and we are planning for the future. And just for fun, we might share random, quirky stories and information about insects and other alternative proteins. Stay tuned and feel free to let us know if you have any ideas on what we should add for our fans!

Plento is ready!

The product development is finalised, and we have our snack, in three seasonings: Smoked Paprika (a rich & smoky flavour with a dash of heat). Rosemary & Parsley (an aromatic flavour that goes well with dips) Tomato and Oregano (a subtle balance between sweet...

Plento Is Coming

We are pleased to share that the product development of our snack is up and running, with a number of rounds of formula and testing. The Food Innovation and Resource Center (FIRC) at the Singaporean Polytechnic is leading the development, with a team of food engineers...

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