Delicious. Healthy. Sustainable. Plento, a superfood made up of high-protein, low-carb cricket flour and pea protein.

Singapore, December 25, 2023 This month marks the release of Plento, a revolutionary new line of delicious baked snack crisps created from a recipe of pea protein, cashew nut flour and flax seed. But Plento also incorporates a unique ingredient that’s both packed with nutrition and environmentally sustainable: cricket flour.   

Plento snackBy mixing plant-based and insect protein, Plento snacks provide a spectrum of nutritional benefits, including high levels of protein without high levels of carbohydrates, and they’re rich in calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus. And unlike the soy protein commonly found in other snacks, Plento’s pea/cricket flour formula also provides nine essential amino acids. 

Better yet, all that nutrition comes with delicious taste. Plento is currently available in two subtly savory flavours: Paprika or Rosemary. With a clean taste that’s not too salty, not too sweet, these baked snacks, offered in 50g packages, are the perfect health food that doesn’t taste like health food. A third flavour, Tomato Oregano, will be added in 2024.

Plento is also one of the most environmentally friendly foods on the market. Protein drawn from pea flour and cricket flour is far more environmentally sustainable than other sources such as industrial meat processing.

Produced in Thailand at an HAACP-certified factory, Plento’s recipe is the result of two years of development at Singapore Polytechnic’s Food Research and Innovation Center. Plento is a joint venture between two pioneers in insect-protein foods: Bugsolutely Bangkok, the maker of the popular line of Cricket Pasta, and AIFS Singapore. In 2019 Plento was selected and funded by Brinc accelerator ( for its original idea of combining plant-based protein with insect protein. Plento’s founders have a combined 20 years of experience in cricket processing and sustainable food design.

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